Precision coverage

MIEC offers precision coverage and unmatched support for acupuncture. As a member-owned exchange, our mission is to deliver innovative and cost-effective professional liability protection and patient safety services for our insured. With nearly 20 years of experience covering acupuncturists like you, look to us to protect your practice with professional liability insurance.

You can qualify for coverage if:
  • You practice in California, Idaho, Alaska or Hawaii
  • You limit the practice of acupuncture as defined in your state’s licensing board regulations.
  • Zero profit motive
  • Resolved just under 40,000 malpractice suits and claims; over 90% closed without indemnity payment
  • 100% owned and governed by our policyholders
  • Rated A- [Excellent] by A.M. Best
  • Competitive, stable rates plus discounted rates for new acupuncturists
  • Declared over $446 million in dividend credits since inception
  • Premises Liability Coverage (Slip and Fall) included
  • Realtime interpretation services available
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Basic Coverage

We provide professional liability insurance under a claims-made contract with a choice of liability limits:

  • $500,000 per claim/$1.5 million annual aggregate
  • $1 million per claim/$3 million annual aggregate

Our policy also provides for legal defense costs in addition to the limit of liability, and a $25,000 reimbursement for legal defense costs incurred as a result of licensing agency proceedings involving quality of care issues.

Prior Acts Coverage

If you come to us from another claims-made carrier, we offer “prior acts” (also called “nose”) coverage. This will cover you for claims first made against you in the future, but related to treatment that occurred while you were insured under the previous claims-made policy.

Tail Coverage

Offered to any policyholder whose policy is canceled or not renewed, tail coverage extends the reporting time for covered claims beyond the life of the policy (link to glossary). Because most malpractice claims and suits are filed months or years after treatment, tail coverage is an important safeguard. The premium is based on rates in effect when the coverage is offered. There is no premium for policyholders who have been with us for at least five consecutive years. Tail coverage is also provided at no cost when a policyholder becomes totally disabled or dies.

IMPORTANT: If your most recent coverage was a claims-made policy, you must either purchase “tail” coverage from your former carrier or apply for “prior acts” (also called “nose”) coverage with us. Prior acts coverage is generally available if you are currently insured under a claims-made policy in a state where we provide professional liability insurance. If we approve you for prior acts coverage, your premiums will be at the claims-made step-rate based on the number of years you have been insured by your previous claims-made carrier.

Premises Liability Coverage (Slip and Fall)

This is available at no cost for professional office locations that you own or lease (not home offices). It insures your legal liability for injuries to patients or members of the public sustained at your office premises, such as a slip and fall claim. The coverage does not insure any personal property you own or lease.


Premiums may be paid annually or quarterly. No interest fees apply should payments be made on a quarterly basis. Our policies have a common anniversary date of February 1. New policies effective after that date will have prorated premiums in the first year.

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