Claims Reporting Process

We fight for you

We understand every minute you spend dealing with a claim or lawsuit is time taken away from your practice and your personal life. We work hard to minimize the intrusive nature of the claim and litigation process. We will do everything possible to provide you with the answers, protection and solutions you need.

Dedicated professionals

Our first step is to pair you with an experienced claims representative who will guide you through the entire process. After obtaining information from you, your claims representative will provide information and advice or assign legal counsel to represent you depending on the situation.

Evaluation and collaboration

We work together with you and your defense counsel at the outset to conduct an independent evaluation of relevant records and retain appropriate experts to address standard of care, causation and damages issues. You will be advised of what we learn throughout the process. We encourage you to contact your claims representative and your counsel at any time to discuss the case, strategize and ask questions.


No case can be settled without your consent .


If your case is tried, rest assured your attorney will spend as much time as is necessary to educate and prepare you. Your claims representative will make every effort to attend the trial to provide support and help you navigate through this stressful process. You are never alone.