Track Your Wellness

Free access to Mayo Clinic’s Well-Being Index

As an MIEC member, you have free and anonymous access to the Mayo Clinic’s Well-Being Index. Through the use of key metrics & tracking over time, the Well-Being Index helps take physician well-being from the abstract and into to the tangible. Signing up is simple, just click on the link below and use the invitation code “MIEC WELLNESS” to gain free access.

Start Tracking Today!

Invitation Code: MIEC WELLNESS

Once you’re signed up and have taken your initial assessment, you’ll have access to tools, resources, and recommended next steps. You can even see how your metrics compare to the average Well-Being Index physician user*.

*Note: All data collected and used by the Well-Being Index is anonymized, encrypted & never shared outside of the Mayo Clinic’s tool.

To learn more about how the Well-Being Index works, watch this short video from the Mayo Clinic.