Telehealth and Telepsychiatry Consent Forms

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Telehealth is growing exponentially in popularity as a method of providing safe, effective medical care from remote distances. Many states require physicians to obtain and document patients’ informed consent for receiving their care through telehealth. While not expressly required by law, a telehealth consent form is a good way to document informed consent, while providing patients with information about the process so that they can make good decisions around their medical care.

MIEC has developed sample consent forms for our members to use when delivering telehealth or telepsychiatry services, based in part on information from the American Telehealth Association and American Psychological Association.

Please note that these consent forms are examples which can be edited as necessary; the information included in the forms should not be construed as being required by law or the applicable standard of care. Physicians should confirm their respective state’s laws and regulations regarding telehealth and informed consent; more information can be found in our Telehealth Update.

Please see the following links for the Telehealth Consent Form and Telepsychiatry Consent Form.