When to Report a Claim?

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We know that physicians are continually confronted with situations where medicine and the law intersect. We can help. Please contact us immediately if you:

1. Need advice about a particular situation, such as:
  • A non-compliant patient
  • Reporting requirements
  • Withdrawal from care
  • Verbal or written threats
2. Have concerns about an unexpected patient outcome, such as:
  • Death
  • Loss of extremity
  • Loss or impairment of any of the five senses
  • Diminished life expectancy
  • Injury or impairment of a body organ
  • Severe disfigurement
3. Have received any legal papers, including:
  • Notice of a pre-litigation panel claim
  • Notice of Intent to Sue
  • Inquiry from an attorney about a patient
  • Records requests or subpoenas
  • Deposition notice
4. Have received a formal or informal claim directly from a patient.
5. Have received an inquiry or notice from the medical licensing board.

You can report a claim here. If you’re unable to report your claim online, please call 800.227.4527.