Additional Coverages

Further Protections for Your Practice

Part IV
DataGuard Insurance

Optional Coverage

Prior Acts (Nose) Coverage

Prior Acts Coverage is available to physicians applying for coverage after being continuously insured by another claims-made insurer, and eliminates the need of purchasing reporting endorsement (tail) from your previous insurer. This coverage is subject to approval by our underwriters.

Miscellaneous Business Liability

We offer at an additional cost, legal defense protection, which pays 90% of reasonable legal expenses, up to $100,000 per civil suit or administrative proceeding, with a maximum of $300,000 for all claims reported during a policy year for the following:

  • Breach of contract
  • Wrongful termination of an employee
  • Employment discrimination or harassment
  • Wrongful acts or omissions
  • Civil claims for assault, battery, false arrest or personal restraint, malicious prosecution or conspiracy
Premises Liability

We can also provide coverage for premises liability, which insures the liability that arises from bodily injury and property damage to members of the public at your professional office premises. This coverage is optional and it does not constitute comprehensive general, business, automobile liability or workers compensation coverage.

Extended Reporting Endorsement (Tail) Coverage

Offered to any policyholder whose policy is canceled or not renewed, tail coverage extends the reporting time for covered claims beyond the life of the policy. Because most malpractice claims and suits are filed months or years after treatment or surgery, tail coverage is an important safeguard. The premium is based on rates in effect when the coverage is offered. There is no premium for policyholders who have been with us for at least five consecutive years. Tail coverage is also provided at no cost when a policyholder becomes totally disabled or dies.