PSRM Resources

An overview of MIEC Patient Safety & Risk Management resources

As MIEC’s Patient Safety Risk Management team, it’s our mission to help our policyholders reduce their liability risks and promote patient safety. We do this by providing our policyholders tools & knowledge to manage their risk and support their practices. Services and materials our PSRM team offers include:

  • Claims Counseling: Such as “What to Do When A Claim is Made.
  • Publications for your practice. We have sample forms and templates, loss prevention newsletters, other written advice and references—everything from how to reduce medication-related claims to what to consider when buying an electronic medical record system.
    • E-Alerts: Stay up to date on the latest legislation, research, & reports.
  • Evaluation of practice. If you are a policyholder, contact us about your office forms. We will review and provide advice on a variety of office templates, patient information brochures, patient education materials, patient surveys, letters to patients, follow-up systems and practice policies.
  • Patient Safety & Risk Management Surveys: Let our PSRM representatives evaluate the potential liability risks in your practice. Request a survey today!
  • Seminars: Lead by MIEC experts, we host seminars throughout the year for physicians, non-physician clinicians, and office staff.
  • Webinars: MIEC, in cooperation with ACCMA, now offers our policyholders a broad cross-section of webinars presented by a variety of sources. A number of these webinars are complimentary while others have a small fee associated with them.
  • Ask An Expert: Our department experts are ready for your questions.
  • CME Courses: MIEC has partnered with ELM Exchange, Inc., to provide case-based, online CME programs.
  • Opioid Safety Guidelines for Physicians: Ensure you’re up to date on the latest Opioid regulations and guidelines. Keep your patients and your practice safe.

PSRM Premium Credit:
Improving your practice not only reduces your liability, it can even lower your premium with our NEW PSRM 5% Premium Credits. Earn a 5% Premium Credit for Patient Safety & Risk Management activities that improve your practices to ensure reduced liability risk, better patient safety and quality risk management.