Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently questions regarding your MIEC policy, coverage, and more.

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Coverage & Policy:

MIEC issues a modified claims-made policy. Premiums over the first five years of coverage are increased, or “step up”, to reflect the accumulation of exposures to loss during this period of time. Policies issued without "Prior Acts" coverage, sometimes referred to as “nose coverage”, are charged the first-year rate.  Step-rate changes differ based on specialty and territory, but generally occur over a five-year period.  After the step-rate period has ended, the policy or coverage is considered “mature”.

Extended reporting endorsements (ERE), or “tails”, are generally offered once a policy or coverage is terminated.  MIEC offers an ERE at no additional premium for death, disability and retirement.  Physicians who have reached the age of 55 and have been insured at least five (5) consecutive years by MIEC at the time of retirement are eligible for a retirement tail at no additional charge.

DataGuard provides coverage for information and network security risk and protection from the growing risk associated with unauthorized access to information technology and patients' personal health information. It covers you and your practice for expenses associated with events such as:

  • Suits for accidentally disclosing a patient's personal health information
  • The cost of credit monitoring services because of an inadvertent breach of information
  • Costs for recovering lost electronic data
  • Fines for a HIPAA violation

Reasons for suspension are illness, leave of absence, sabbatical, military and maternity leave. All other requests are subject to manager approval.

  • Leave of absence is defined as a period of time that one is away from his/her primary job while maintaining the status of employee. Generally in such an arrangement there is a predefined termination date. New Doctor Rule and suspension rates are not concurrent.

Requirements: (Split into two Qs/accordions?)

  • Minimum of 90 days (except for maternity & military leave)
  • Maximum one year
  • New Doctor Rule and part-time are NOT concurrent
  • Must be an MIEC insured for at least 2 years

There is no age limit on the MIEC policy however when treating minors different rules apply. For further info, please reach out to our PSRM department.

If you're an MIEC policyholder you can access digital specimen policy forms.

Once you're logged into your MIEC account you can access the specimen policy forms from either:

There you will find specimen policy forms broken down by states.

MIEC specimen policy forms page



Currently, MIEC accepts credit card payments for annual & quarterly payments. You can also pay by check or through automatic ACH debit. If you set up automatic ACH debit, payments will be made over 10 equal installments of 10%.

Yes, you can set up automatic ACH debit payments through the payment portal. Login to your MIEC account and access the payment portal here.

Once logged in you can set up automatic recurring payments. The account balance will then be paid over 10 equal payments of 10%.

To make your payment by mail, send your payment directly to the address below or use the preprinted envelope that came with your invoice.

PO BOX 889241
Los Angeles, CA 90088-9241

You can make a payment without logging into your account by clicking here.


Claims can be reported to MIEC as follows:

  • By calling: 510-428-9411 or 800-227-4527
  • By emailing: