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Trust, two-way communication, shared decision-making, and favorable outcomes are the building blocks of a healthy and sustainable physician-patient relationship.

Unfortunately, there are occasions when patients experience physical or emotional harm resulting from their health care, and a formerly strong relationship can be weakened. If the provider fails to engage with the patient to offer an explanation and an apology, this can further damage the relationship.

MIEC understands the feelings of fear, doubt, and disappointment that can arise in both patients and physicians following unanticipated adverse outcomes. Likewise, we appreciate the angst the traditional claims process imposes upon all involved. We believe there is a healthier way to move forward after an unanticipated outcome occurs; it is a way that seeks to rebuild and restore valuable physician-patient relationships.

MIEC’s RESTORE program was developed to encourage the early reporting of unanticipated adverse events resulting in patient injury, and to facilitate early intervention resulting in meaningful resolution and restored relationships. It grew out of MIEC’s 40-year history of advocating for and protecting our members, and the patients they treat.

The program is founded upon one core principle: Rebuild strong relationships through recovery and engagement.

Six prominent pillars support the rebuilding of relationships through RESTORE:

RESTORE Pillars: 1. Early Reporting 2. Patient communication, 3. Event evaluation, 4. Resolution, 5. Post-incident practice support, 6. Clinician wellness resources

For further information on the program or to report a possible RESTORE matter, please contact MIEC Claims and Patient Safety at (800) 227-4527