Report A Claim

As a policyholder, it is critical you notify us immediately if an incident occurs that may lead to a claim or if a claim has been made against you. Your MIEC Claims Specialist will immediately go into action to protect you. We will be with you every step of the way.

Uncertain whether an incident or situation may warrant reporting? Review our When to Report a Claim page or call your local claims office and speak with one of our Claims Specialists. As your professional liability insurance provider, know that we are a valuable resource and partner that’s just a phone call away.

If you practice in: Call this Claims Office:
California 510-428-9411 or 800-227-4527
Alaska 907-868-2500
Hawaii 808-545-7231
Idaho 208-344-6378

By PhoneBy Email

Advice requestedHave concerns about an unexpected patient outcomeHave received legal papersHave received formal or informal complaint directly from a patientHave received an inquiry or notice from the medical licensing boardOther

If you have an urgent need, please feel free to call our Claims Department at 800-227-4527