Part IV

Additional Coverage

As an MIEC policyholder, you have up to $25,000 in legal defense coverage for accusations by the state licensing agency; investigations, administrative proceedings or civil lawsuits by the Office of the Inspector General; or non-employee claims arising from your practice that allege unlawful discrimination or harassment, assault, battery, or malicious prosecution.  

MIEC also offers optional Part IV coverage to enhance your legal defense protection. It pays 90% of reasonable legal expenses, up to $100,000 per civil suit or administrative proceeding, with a maximum of $300,000 for all claims reported during a policy year, for the following: 

  • Breach of contract or agreement or other alleged misconduct in the nature of a commercial or fee dispute arising from and involving your professional practice. This includes Medicare carrier or OIG accusations, and disputes with patients, HMOs and other payers.  
  • Wrongful termination of an employee who provided services incidental to your professional practice.  
  • Employment discrimination or harassment against your employee, or violation of statutes proving employment protection or benefits.  
  • Wrongful acts or omissions  alleged for your participation as an office, member, witness r consultant of a national, state, or local medical or specialty society for customary and authorized activities of the society which do not involve or arise out of peer review or accreditation functions; an officer or committee or department member of a state licensed health care facility or clinic, or of the medical staff of such facility or clinic, arising from customary and authorized activates incidental to such positions. (Note: MIEC’s basic policy already covers your liability as a participant in any professional peer review body, and provides indemnity protection up to our policy limits, when no other person or entity is obligated to defend or indemnify you.) 
  • Civil claims for assault, battery, false arrest or personal restraint, malicious prosecution or conspiracy, arising from your professional practice, if Part I basic coverage, pertaining to health care services to patients and as a consultant, does not apply. 

MIEC will appoint or approve of legal counsel to defend such cases. Coverage is subject to actual terms, exclusions, conditions, and limitations of MIEC’s policy. The annual premium for an individual physician’s Part IV coverage is $1,400. It may be paid quarterly. If you’re a member of a group or clinic, call MIEC for coverage options and rates.  

This coverage is for legal defense only. It does not provide any indemnity against judgements, settlements, fines, penalties, or other payments to resolved covered claims.