MIEC Political Action Committee (PAC)

Supporting our policyholders on critical legislative issues

In late 2009 the Board of Governors of Medical Insurance Exchange of California (MIEC) approved the creation of a PAC (Political Action Committee) for California policyholders (the “MIEC PAC CA”) to support critical issues relating to Medical Professional Liability in the California Legislature.

In 2010 the Board of governors also approved the creation of a MIEC PAC for Idaho (the “MIEC PAC ID”) with similar objectives to strengthen the medical profession’s influence in the legislature to preserve the highly effective tort reform laws in Idaho.

The Board of Governors intends to create PACs in Alaska and Hawaii if requested to do so by the state medical association.

Why You Should Participate

Your participation in any PAC is entirely voluntary.

The Board of Governors asks you to participate in funding MIEC PACs in California and Idaho to provide much needed support for legislators who believe in protecting MICRA in California and similar tort reforms in Idaho.

In the absence of good tort reform, malpractice insurance costs and resulting premiums would quickly reach levels that prevail in other large states.

Even small contributions, when made by many policyholders, will make a significant difference in MIEC’s ability to defend these important legal protections while keeping individual contributions as low as possible.