MIEC Wellness

Your Well-Being is Our Business

Many doctors feel their profession is a calling, an urgency deep inside that motivates them towards their work in medicine. They understand this calling is a gift and the ultimate reward for answering the call is the satisfaction of helping people and ensuring the well-being of their patients.

Physicians face numerous challenges in their daily practice, which can lead to physical, emotional and relational stressors.

A Stanford Medicine survey uncovered some troubling facts after conducting a Physician Wellness Survey from October to November 2016:

  • 34% of physicians reported one or more symptoms of burnout
  • Female physicians were reporting higher burnout rates than their male counterparts (39% of female doctors vs. 28% or male doctors)
  • Stanford physicians, responding to a 2013 survey compared to the 2016 survey, reported increased burnout and decreased professional fulfillment.

Barriers to health care for physicians

MIEC values the medical field and wants to support wellness across the community. We recognize that the wellness journey is individual and have created this website as a resource for you to start to carve your individual path to wellness. There is a vast amount of resources available on the internet and across the medical community. We have researched and organized some of those resources for your reference.

Our hope is that you start your visit to our site by taking the Mayo Clinic Physician Well Being Index. The index can help you identify areas of your wellness that require additional attention. Our toolkit will allow you to decide which areas you want to focus on and find resources available for you.

The Value of MIEC

MIEC is the place where the skills and resources of its Members, Board of Governors, Sponsoring Medical Societies, Consultants and Staff are brought together to carry out its Mission – To Provide Innovative and Cost Effective Medical Professional Liability Protection and Patient Safety Services for Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals.

We will continue to work with our board, insured, medical society partners and outside service providers to develop meaningful partnerships and resources that will give you the tools necessary to affect change in your practice, and personal life, and allow you to find the joy in medicine once again.