Message from the MIEC Board of Governors regarding COVID-19

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Message from MIEC Board regarding covid 19


MIEC was created to serve its membership’s needs for medical professional liability risk and we will continue to do just that – in normal times and extraordinarily challenging times like these.

In normal times, MIEC asks that you provide a reasonable level of detail about your practice and training with the expectation that you operate within the confines of your medical specialty. It is clear to all of us, as medically trained professionals you will likely be asked to treat patients in ways and circumstances that are dramatically different than just a few weeks ago. We want you to know that MIEC has your back.

Together, our policyholders own MIEC, meaning you “mutualize” your individual risk with one another. Using the premium you pay and the assets we hold on your behalf, MIEC will defend and indemnify you.

By all means, reach out to our staff for guidance but, in an emergency, you know how to be the best medical provider you can be, and we will be your insurer.

Our guidance is no different during this time than in any other:

  • Practice medicine in a way that your colleagues would understand and approve.
  • To the extent possible, document – even in a daily diary – the circumstances and challenges you encountered in caring for your patients throughout this pandemic

Please let us know how we can help.



Ron Dorn M.D. Board Chair