MIEC Member Portal Update FAQs

To reset your password or reauthenticate start on the MIEC Login Page

Once on the login page, enter the email address associated with your policy.  Then click on "Forgot password?” 

If successful, you will see the following message and should see an email in your inbox.  

Clicking on the link in the email will take you to a reset password page where you can select a new password. (Shown Here) 

If successful, you will be taken back to the login screen with a confirmation that your password has been reset.

From the dashboard, click on your current policy.  Your current policy should appear in the lower right. You can confirm the policy is current by checking the policy effective dates.

screenshot of policy document page with current policy year circled

This will take you to your policy dashboard.  Under "Policy Documents" you will find your COI, policy, & invoice. Click on "Make Payment" button if you wish to make a payment.

screenshot of policy home page with make payment button highlighted with a circle

You can select a payment type and amount here. If you would like to set up automatic or recurring payments, see FAQ below.

screenshot showing form to make a payment on your policy

MIEC is updating and modernizing internal policy administration system(s). These upgrades provide a foundation on which we can continue to support MIEC members into the future, deliver unmatched service and support, while providing access to online documents and resources. Further, these new systems provide a strong foundation on which MIEC can improve efficiency, provide members real time access to policy documents, and shorten turn around times on member requests/policy updates.

As a member owned organization, providing transparent communication to members’ is of the utmost importance. While MIEC does not typically notify membership regarding operational changes, given the scope of this transition and the impacts to historical practices, we felt it was important to provide detail.

Current MIEC members will receive a variety of communications to help inform you of the aspects of this systems transition. Further, we have provided a variety of FAQ’s to help answer your questions should they arise.

If you have additional questions, please contact MIEC Member Services at 800.227.4527.

Historically MIEC has issued policy numbers with a series of letters and numbers that allowed staff to identify characteristics of the policy by simply reviewing the policy number. For example, a historical MIEC policy number DR01-XXXXXi. Reviewing this policy number would indicate that the policy was an individual physician, practicing in Northern California. There were a number of variable codes embedded in the policy number that enabled staff to appropriately organize and manage member policies and hard copy files.

As MIEC has grown and modernized/digitized its operational administration system(s), maintaining this complex approach to policy numbers has become cumbersome, and is no longer needed. Therefore, the decision was made to reissue policy numbers in future systems in a simpler format.

Therefore, for new business effective after May 17th, 2022, all policy numbers will be formatted as either HPL- XXXXXX, or AAP – XXXXXX.

For MIEC members renewing coverage with MIEC, policy number(s) will be reissued in the updated format effective February 1st, 2023. Prior year policy records will be maintained and affiliated with the reissued policy number(s). 2023 Renewal invoices will reflect the new policy number format.

If you have any questions regarding your policy number, and/or the changes that have been made, please contact MIEC Member Services at 800.227.4527, or service@miec.com.

If you are a member of a medical group, or practice as part of an organized group of practitioners insured together, effective 2/1/23, you will no longer have a unique individual policy number.  The policy number will be issued at the group level, and individual practitioners will be covered as providers in the policy.

Historically MIEC generally issued coverage on an individual basis, as was dictated by our insurance filing in the states in which we operated as a carrier. Whereby, if a group of physician providers were practicing together, MIEC would issue each physician (or mid-level) an individual policy, denoted by an “i” at the end of the policy number. The corporation/entity for which they practiced would be issued an additional policy, denoted by a “g” at the end of the policy number. Under this methodology, medical groups would maintain a series of policy numbers. This made policy administration and invoicing medical groups a challenge.

As an admitted insurer, MIEC filed updated policy forms in CA, ID, AK, and HI in 2020, and received approval shortly thereafter.  Subsequently, the updated policy form has been implemented in all states.  This updated policy form allows MIEC to issue coverage at the group level.  For more information regarding MIEC policy form, please contact info@miec.com

As part of the MIEC systems upgrade, we have redesigned our invoices to provide a more concise billing statement. The first page of the upgraded invoice design provides members with a summary of the annual premium, as well as the current payment due. For members that choose to mail premium payments, the bottom portion of the page is intended to be detached and returned in the courtesy return envelope included with your invoice. Additional invoice pages provide an annual premium detail. This detail includes premium by coverage, and/or by provider.

The updated invoice format no longer includes additional detail regarding changes in premium(s) throughout the policy period.

To access your invoice online, please visit https://memberportal.miec.com/loginPage to login to the MIEC Member Portal.

As part of the MIEC systems upgrade, MIEC Members’ that practice as part of an insured group, will no longer receive invoices on an individual basis. Invoices for policies renewing effective 2/1/2023 will be consolidated to the policyholder. The consolidated group invoices will reflect the total amount due for the group. The annual premium details for individual group members will be available for informational purposes only in the 2nd page of the invoice. Further, MIEC will no longer track premium(s) payments at the individual level. While MIEC will provide premium detail to group members, premium is payable at the group level, and will be tracked as such.

For instance, Sample Medical Group A, will receive their renewal invoice in December 2022. Their invoice details will reflect:

Insured:                Sample Medical Group A

Dr. John Sample                                $2,500/Annually
Dr. Jane Sample                                 $2,500/Annually
Dr. John Doe                                      $2,500/Annually
Dr. Jane Doe                                       $2,500/Annually

Total Annual Premium                     $10,000/Annually

In this example, Sample Medical Group A, will receive a single invoice in the amount of $10,000/Annually. Individual providers listed above, will not receive a personalized invoice, nor will MIEC continue to track payment details on an individual basis. If Dr. John Sample were to mail MIEC a check for their individual portion of the premium ($2,500), we will no longer be able to track that payment to Dr. John Sample. Rather, the payment will be applied to the group amount owed of $10,000.

If you practice as part of an insured medical group, please contact your practice administrator for additional information. If you did not receive an invoice, and are not part of a group practice, please contact our member services team at 800.227.4527.

To access the updated MIEC Member Portal, please visit miec.com, and click on the “Login” button on the top navigation bar.

You will then be directed to the login screen, as depicted below.

Please enter the email address on file with MIEC, and your password, and click submit. 

NOTE:  If you have not accessed the member portal previously, enter your email address, and click the “Forgot Password?” link below the Submit button. 

If you are not receiving the password reset email, or are unable to access the member portal, please contact MIEC Member Services.   

Once you have authenticated your account, you will be taken to your homepage. 

Once you log in you will be taken to a dashboard that will show your basic information and any policies associated with you. Click on the policy number to view information and make payments on that policy.

If you would like to set up a payment plan or automatic payment plan, contact the Accounting Team at 800.227.4527.

You can also download and complete this form and return it via secure fax at 510.318.6700 or email at service@miec.com

As part of this system(s) upgrade, MIEC has transitioned to a new payment processing platform to support future enhancements.  Furthermore, to protect member privacy, all payment information is encrypted, and inaccessible to MIEC.  As a result, MIEC members who had previously arranged for regular/automatic payment(s) and/or saved a payment method, will need to reauthorize these payments. 

If you practice as part of an insured medical group, please contact your practice administrator for additional information. If you are not part of a group practice, please contact our member services team at 800.227.4527.