MIEC 2022 Dividend

Changes in Dividend Credit Distribution header graphic

MIEC was founded by physicians, for the protection of physicians and other healthcare professionals.  As such, MIEC has always worked to keep rates stable, price premiums appropriately, and wherever possible return profits to policyholders in the form of dividend credits. Since dividend distributions began, MIEC has returned more than $446 million dollars to its policyholder/owners.

Cumulative dividends returned since 1976 graph.

Dividends are the result of better-than-expected operating results. While dividends aren’t guaranteed, MIEC has an impressive track record of returning profits to policyholders, and that will never change.  As the MPL industry shifts and the practice of medicine evolves, MIEC continues to adapt to the evolving needs of today’s healthcare practitioners. The historical approach to dividend distribution has proven challenging and does not provide policyholders with flexibility or effectively demonstrate the value of MIEC’s philosophy. As a result, the MIEC Board of Governors has approved an alternative approach of distributing dividends moving forward.  To understand how these changes will affect your 2022 renewal invoice, please log in to your account and click on the dashboard link or, if you’re already logged in, visit miec.com/dividend2022 for details specific to your account. For assistance, please contact a Member Service Specialist at 800.227.4527.