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Techniques for a Successful Telemedicine Visit

As the use of telehealth has continued to explode in the U.S., physicians are increasingly learning how to navigate a new way of interacting with patients and delivering medical care using real-time videoconferencing.  With experience comes an appreciation of the benefits, and the problems, associated with practicing medicine through a remote connection.  Distractions are a major problem during telemedicine visits, both for patients and physicians.  A recent study of over 1,000 individuals revealed that 73% of men and 39% of women report multitasking during telehealth visits.  Some of the distractions included:  Surfing online/emailing/texting (24.5%)  Watching TV (24%)  Eating (21%) Playing a video game (19%)  Smoking (11%)  Driving (10%)  Drinking alcohol (9.4%) While...

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