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Lawsuits are Not Always Over When the Verdict Comes In

Clinician stress is well-documented. Even before the pandemic brought the double whammy of reduced staffing levels and increased patient care burdens, the ever-growing demands from electronic medical records, patient satisfaction surveys, and health insurance pre-authorizations contributed to burnout. However, one stress factor that isn’t usually considered is litigation. During a lawsuit, clinicians are likely to feel isolated, in large part because they are discouraged from discussing their case with their peers. When combined with remorse and self-doubt, as well as immersion in new and unfamiliar legal terrain, clinicians may experience sleepless nights and an inability to focus. Relationships can become...

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Assistance with the Stress of Litigation

[caption id="attachment_1586" align="alignleft" width="835"] Source: ACCMA Bulletin "Coping with Litigation Stress"[/caption] When faced with the harsh reality of a malpractice lawsuit, many physicians experience anxiety, anger, fear, depression, and other typical reactions which are collectively referred to as “litigation stress syndrome.”  A medical malpractice lawsuit may take several years to resolve, and during that time these symptoms take their toll on the physician and their family.  Fortunately, MIEC and its partners offer several services to help physicians successfully cope with the trauma of being sued.   Litigation Stress Committee of the Alameda-Contra Costa Medical Association The Litigation Stress Committee of the Alameda-Contra...

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