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Idaho: Advanced Practice Provider Laws and Regulations

Physician Assistants Qualifications [IDAPA 22.01.03. Subsection 021.01-06]: Graduate accredited PA program; bachelor’s degree; NCCPA exam. MD Supervision of Physician Assistant [IDAPA 22.01.04, Subsections 020.01 – 020.06]: Supervising physicians must register with Idaho’s Board of Medicine and generally may supervise no more than three (3) PAs at a time. The Board may authorize a physician to supervise a total of six (6) PAs contemporaneously if necessary, to provide adequate medical care and upon prior petition documenting adequate safeguards to protect the public health and safety. The supervising MD must: Accept full responsibility for the medical acts and patient services provided by...

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Idaho Informed Consent Supplement

This supplement to our "Informed Consent Revisited" article contains excerpts from Idaho laws related to informed consent, consent by minors and special consents. Idaho physicians who have questions about a specific patient or who require legal advice may call MIEC’s Claims Office in Boise at 208-344-6378. For general liability questions, physicians and their staff can contact MIEC’s Patient Safety & Risk Management (PSRM) Specialist in Boise at 208-807-2603 or the PSRM Department in Oakland, CA at 800-227-4527. Informed Consent Idaho law provides that consent, or refusal to consent, for the furnishing of health care, treatment or procedures “shall be valid...

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