Mayo Clinic Physician Health Center

The goal of the Mayo Clinic’s Physician Health Center is “to personalize your care with the services you need to deal with an illness or maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling a busy career.”

The center focuses on the wellness needs of a physician through flexible, customizable scheduling and discrete confidentiality. The center’s medical professionals are specifically trained in treating physicians with over 20 years’ experience working to ensure they are focused on their patients’ unique needs. The center was started by the Mayo Clinic in response to data demonstrating that physicians wanted access to comprehensive, efficient, coordinated health care from professionals focused on their specific care.

Key Points
  • Offers confidential evaluations of medical conditions, which are addressed in a private, safe environment where your professional accomplishments are respected. Provides specific services for physicians:
    • Comprehensive health care
    • Preventive health screening
    • Efficient assessment
    • Fitness-for-duty evaluations
  • Offers services to all practicing physicians, including those who are temporarily restricted from practice or on sabbatical due to a medical condition
  • Works with patient physicians to create a pre-scheduled, customized appointment itineraries
  • Coordinates with a physician’s local provider to establish a treatment plan and rehabilitative trajectory
  • Offers training in wellness, dietary modification and exercise
ADDRESS 200 First St. SW, Gonda Building, Rochester, MN 55905
HOURS 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Central time, Monday through Friday)
PHONE 507-284-4780