Understanding Physician Wellness

Burnout is not so much a problem to be solved as it is a dilemma in balancing your personal life versus your physician life. Burnout slowly drains your energy, enthusiasm, and attitude towards your work and home.

The purpose of this page is to offer resources to alleviate burnout and restore your vitality and passion for medicine.

Like so many things in life, Burnout is a classic DILEMMA – a never ending balancing act. Imagine a child’s Teeter Totter. On one side is the energy you burn – in BOTH your practice and your private/family life. On the other side are the techniques you use to recharge your energy. Your job is to maintain balanceDike Drummond, MD, The Burnout Prevention Matrix 2.0

How to Use This Page

This is a reference guide for you to discover and decide what will work for you and your practice. Each entry provides a list of contact information (web address and—if relevant— email, phone number, street address) a list key points, and a brief summary.

Here is a list of topics: